Color Scheming in Logo Designing Should be very smart and Witty


Logo designing is done for the identification of brands. This has to be very specific and comprehensive. Look down for the more appropriate color patterns to adopt while designing! ! Check out These Amazing Tips for Color Scheming in Logo Designing.

Use color to control mood

Let’s start with an example of the logos of BP & McDonalds. McDonald’s logo is a complete example of an analogous color scheme but on the other warm side of the spectrum, you’ll notice the feel to invoke feelings of happiness, contentment, joy, and fun.

Your own selection of color palette can either make or break a logo design slightly for simple aesthetic reasons, but also because of the psychological alliance of colors which were touched on briefly as part of the Bauhaus theory.

Talking at the basic level, colors on the warm side of the spectrum like red and yellow for example are considered as bold, uplifting and energetic, while their cooler counterparts, blue and green, exude calmness and feel more reserved. This is remarkably relevant when it comes to branding. Branding on an emotional level in terms of what feel your client may generate when they look at it but also on a practical level, in terms of market standout.

Research sector-specific color trends

In the brand market, the ownership of a color can become a legal matter. Like in the case of Cadbury’s battles with Nestle, it was to protect the use of its distinctive shade of purple.

For a brand or company to constructively ‘own’ a color in its area can provide a large competitive advantage. They achieve instant recognition in some cases even without a logo, or even a mention of its name just by owning that particular color without any unique business logo design.

Obviously, owning a complete color isn’t that easy. It goes way beyond the logo designing skills. It requires skillful planning and execution across all aspects of the brand and its advertising. On the basis of popularity and market saturation, we could be considered as specific as an officially registered Pantone shade (such as Cadbury 2685C) or as common as being the only brand in a competitive set to use that color.

In order to achieve color-based standout in any given market sector, the first step is to understand what the prevailing trends are. For instance, Blue is commonly used in the financial sectors and banks etc whereas green is commonly considered in branding for environmental organizations. At times it pays to avoid the distinct.

Don’t forget black and white

Woolmark logo is a triumph of monochromatic design and is considered as one of the greatest logos of all time. It was designed by an Italian graphic artist Francesco Saroglia.

And even if your custom logo design is in glorious technicolor, it still needs to work effectively in black-and-white for different applications and formats.

After all this debate about color, it is quite facile to neglect that some of the world’s most iconic logo designs are purely monochrome in nature and still they make powerful utilization of the evident contrast that this palette bears.